Graduate Certificate - Master of Science in Global Medicine

Graduate Certificate Track

Track Summary

The Graduate Certificate in Global Medicine program is for anyone interested in augmenting their understanding of global health instead of pursuing a full Master of Science degree in Global Medicine.

Students will study current topics in global health and health care, and will have a strong grounding in cultural competence, specific diseases, and creating and implementing health interventions in developing countries.

General Elective Courses

This track requires 8 units of general elective courses. Click below to view a list of available courses.

Graduate Certificate Track Sample Course Plan


8 units

MEDS 500 – Basic Concepts in Global Health (4 units)
MEDS 511 – Global Health Modules, Tuberculosis (2 units)
MEDS 510 – Global Health Modules, Malaria (2 units)


8 units

MEDS 502 – Global Epidemiology of Diseases and Risk Factors (4 units)
MEDS 512 – Global Health Modules, Maternal and Child Health (2 units)
MEDS 567 – Global Nutrition (2 units)