Clinical - Master of Science in Global Medicine

Clinical Track

Track Summary

The M.S. in Global Medicine, Clinical Track provides a solid foundation in basic sciences while also exposing students to a broad scope of pertinent issues in global medicine.

In addition to gaining the strong medical science foundation needed for critical analysis of the global burden of disease, courses examining methods used to create programming, solutions, and innovative responses to global health challenges furnish students of the program with problem solving skills and analytical frameworks which will aid them in future career paths.

General Elective Courses

This track requires 20 units of general elective courses. Click below to view a list of available courses.

Clinical Track Sample Course Plan


14 units

MEDS 500 – Basic Concepts in Global Health (4 units)
MEDS 503 – Core Principles System I (4 units)
MEDS 504 – Core Principles System II (4 units)
MEDS 511 – Global Health Modules, Tuberculosis (2 units)


12 units

MEDS 510 – Global Health Modules, Malaria (2 units)
MEDS 512 – Maternal and Child Health (2 units)
MEDS 515 – Global Health Modules, HIV/AIDS (2 units)
MEDS 518 – Children in Emergency Situations, Global Policies and Programs (2 units)
MEDS 521 – Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (2 units)
MEDS 528 – Global Health Module, Sexually Transmitted Infections (2 units)


6 units

MEDS 527 – Zoonotic Infections Diseases (2 units)
MEDS 529 – Refugee Healthcare (2 units)
MEDS 554 – Clinical Medicine and Healthcare Delivery in Panama (2 units)