Advanced - Master of Science in Global Medicine

Advanced Track

Track Summary

Physicians/Dentists who have completed their medical/dental degrees and are interested in better understanding global health issues are encouraged to pursue the M.S. in Global Medicine, Advanced Track.

Coursework in the Advanced Track builds upon basic medical knowledge by exploring the epidemiology of diseases prevalent in major parts of the world, as well as strategies to prevent, control and mediate new infections.

The Advanced Track is ideal for medical professionals who have trained as physicians or dentists in the United States or abroad.

General Elective Courses

This track requires 16 units of general elective courses. Click below to view a list of available courses.

Advanced Track Sample Course Plan


10 units

MEDS 500 – Basic Concepts in Global Health (4 units)
MEDS 511 – Global Health Modules, Tuberculosis (2 units)
MEDS 510 – Global Health Modules, Malaria (2 units)
MEDS 516 – Cultural Competence in Health and Medicine (2 units)


10 units

MEDS 502 – Global Epidemiology of Diseases and Risk Factors (4 units)
MEDS 512 – Global Health Modules, Maternal and Child Health (2 units)
MEDS 567 – Global Nutrition (2 units)
MEDS 577 – Global Palliative Care (2 units)


4 units

MEDS 599 – Study Abroad course (2 units)
MEDS 523 – Global Toxicity and Carcinogenesis (2 units)